We are delighted to announce that Dance Options will be Reopening our Doors from Monday 12th April for Private lessons only.
Please see below for updated Studio Safety Procedures.
Classes will be resuming from 17th May.

COVID-19 Update OPEN

12th April 2021

The following procedures are in place for the

safe operation of Dance Options, Cheam:

If you have any of the symptoms of Coronavirus, please do not come to the studio, but contact your Teacher in advance by telephone/email.


Students are requested to arrive to and leave from the studio in the clothes you will wear for the lesson, so that you need only to change shoes in reception.  The toilets are to be used for toilet facilities only, not for changing clothes.


A maximum of two people to be in the toilet area at any one time:  Please enter by the main door only and exit by the other door only.  Please use the wipes provided to clean all surfaces before and after using the toilets (e.g., toilet seats, taps, handles etc.)  Please do not leave any of your belongings in the toilet area.


Please arrive to the studio no earlier than 10 minutes preceding the start time of your lesson and leave as soon as possible afterwards.  Nobody is permitted to wait in reception other than students directly preceding their lesson.  This includes parents of children taking lessons.


Please do not enter the studio until your Teacher comes to reception to meet you.  You will be asked to have a temperature check (no contact with body) and complete a registration form – please bring your own pens for this purpose.

Anyone with a temperature reading exceeding the safe level (as determined by the thermometer) will not be permitted to enter the studio for the safety of all other users.


Following Government Regulations it is Mandatory for Face Coverings to be worn when entering/leaving the studio and while in the Reception.  These should only be removed after completing all the necessary procedures and once fully inside the studio.


Once in the Studio the wearing of Face Coverings is Advisory for everyone, BUT Mandatory for Teachers and Students wishing to dance together or have close contact with someone not from the same household/fixed team or social bubble.


Please use the hand sanitiser that will be available in reception and throughout the studio.


Should there be other lessons in progress at the same time as yours, please be aware of the need to maintain at least 2 metres distance between couples and individuals.


Please do not leave any discarded drink bottles, coffee cups etc. or any other rubbish in the studio.  Please take everything away with you.


These measures will help to keep all users of the studio safe.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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